ColoQuick International was established in 2015 from Calvex A/S (est. 1992) and is an innovative business, focusing on dairy calf nutrition. We provide sustainable solutions solving both economic- and health related issues in global dairy management, and in 2009 we launched the very first colostrum management system on the market.

Our products are developed to give natural means of increasing farm productivity and reduce the use of antibiotics. Our dedicated focus ensures simple management procedures and high quality feed, through systematic management of the first hour of the calf’s life.

ColoQuick has won numerous awards over the years:


ColoQuick wins “The Agromek Award 2009” at the exhibition Agromek in Herning, Denmark


ColoQuick wins “Best product of the year 2010” at the exhibition Space in Rennes, France


ColoQuick wins “New Product of the Year 2011” at the exhibition EuroTier in Hannover, Germany


ColoQuick wins “Honorable Mention 2012” at the exhibition World Ag Expo in California, USA


ColoQuick is daily directed by Brian Pedersen and his team consisting of Business Development, Research  & Development, International Marketing and Export Managers.

Management holds a large span of competencies and know-how within sales, service, marketing, product and business development.

Brian Pedersen
CEO and Director
Phone: (+45) 20 32 73 33


Working with calf feeding and management systems since 1984. Inventor of ColoQuick and has since then worked with production and marketing.

Valeriia Yermak
Sales Manager
Phone: (+45) 20 66 00 91


Rikke Pedersen
Sales and Logistics
Phone: (+45) 71 91 88 55


Gabriel Frainer
Sales Executive, North America
Phone: (+1) 778 512-6463


Veterinarian with master’s degree in Pathology. Worked with herd health management and post-mortem diagnostics and has held a position as an assistant professor. Works with business development and been with ColoQuick since 2021.

Alvin Zhang
Sales Executive, Asia
Phone: (+86) 139 1871 3606


Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering. 20 years of experience in sales and marketing in Asia.

Has worked for ColoQuick since 2021.

Phone: (+31) 6 82 71 28 62


Calf enthusiast with BA degree in International Business and Languages. 10+ years sales experience in the dairy farming sector throughout Europe. Has worked for ColoQuick since 2023.

Jakob Gudiksen
R&D Manager
Phone: (+45) 60 60 44 60


15 years experience as industrial designer with specialization during the past 7 years in product engineering and design in the agricultural sector.

Hanne Skovsgaard
Calf specialist
Phone: (+45) 30 91 38 71


Hanne is a veterinarian and holds a PhD. She has experience from clinical practice and 10 years as a scientist. Her focus is on research and development of documentation about calf biology.

Asbjørn Olsen
Product development
Phone: (+45) 97 53 73 33


Henrik Laursen
Phone: (+45) 97 53 73 33


Kent Elm Søkilde
Phone: (+45) 97 53 73 33