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nathan_elzinga jon_lundgren Abbink Roynik_farm
Nathan Elzinga
Michigan, US
"That saves us a lot of money"
Jon & Dave Lundgren
Wisconsin, US
"Since implementing the system, our calves hardly ever get sick"
Fam. Abbink
Vorden, Holland
"With coloQuick you start working according to the protocol"
Nathalie & Eithan
Roynik Farm, Israel
"My husband says that today, he can't understand how he managed without it!"
Wapno Claussen Lady_Leys_Farm Per_Andersen
Jörgen Johansson
Wapnö inc., Sweden
"Good procedures improve calf health"
Glaussen aus Laage
Rostock, Germany
"We have had considerably better results"
Jason Bailey
Lullington, England
"We also know the quality is the best it can be"
Per Andersen
Skive, Denmark
"Considerably higher growth. In general, the heifer calves weighs more than 100 kg by 2 months"
fam_bulder knud_vestergaard lindegaard kidmoselund
Familien Bulder
Aalestrup, 167 cows
"Now all our calves get a perfect start - we are so pleased with the coloQuick"
Knud Vestergaard
Karup, 176 cows
"This is so easy, anyone can handle it"
I/S Lindegaard
Brørup, 432 cows
"Now all 4 employees are responsible - they all do it in the same way - it just works"
Ejstrupholm, 300 cows
"It is nice not being dependent on having to milk the cow immediately after calving. We can only recommend the system to others"
niels_dengso john_hansen henrik_kjaer brian_braad_jensen
Niels Dengsø
Løgstrup, 270 cows
"coloQuick is a revolution compared to what we did previously. It is so easy to handle - and we have a much easier job now"
John Hansen
Nr. Nebel, 515 cows
"Now we can really see how much the colostrum varies in quality. It is so important to have it tested"
Henrik Kjær
Københoved, 230 cows
"We are so pleased with the coloQuick. Now the calf is fed with its 4 litres of colostrum - and then we milk the mother when we milk the other cows"
Brian Braad Jensen
Brande, 275 cows

"It is so easy to use coloQuick - and thus we have a much easier job"

n_h_nordendahl jan_bering iglso marcel_moes
N. H. Nordendahl
Nykøbing Mors, 284 cows

"We can only recommend coloQuick to others. Now all our employees feed colostrum in the same - and correct - way every time"

Jan Bering
Østervrå, 145 cows

"With this system we are well on the way to a younger calving age"

Iglsø Fællesstald
Stoholm, 512 cows

"We are so pleased with our coloQuick"

Marcel Moes
Fjerritslev, 223 cows

"This system is indispensable in our everyday work"

soren_falkner skelsgaard wim_van_der_wier thorbjorn_thomsen
Søren Falkner
Lintrup, 160 cows
"Actually, the calves are much more motivated when they are fed immediately after they were born. We have not lost one single calf since we got the coloQuick"
I/S Skelsgaard
Thisted, 274 cows
"Now we can leave the stable with a clean conscience, knowing that the calf got the best start of life"
Wim van der Wier
Gedsted, 210 cows
"We are so glad we invested in coloQuick - could not do without it"
Thorbjørn Thomsen
Sindal, 460 cows
"We did not use serum for the past 2 months. The calves are much healthier now"
bent_moller_larsen kirkegaard jens_madsen jens_lykou_petersen
Bent Møller Larsen
Østervrå, 154 cows
"Now I am always sure the calves will get their 4 litres - a really good system"
Randers, 135 cows
"Even though things went well before we must say that the calves are significantly better now"
Jens Madsen
Tjele, 176 cows
"A calf is not really born until it had its colostrum - it is a really good system"
Jens Lykou Petersen
Løgumkloster, 370 cows
"The most important thing is that anyone can handle the system. A very smart one indeed"
lilholt wijnand_baack sten_norgaard ole_munch
Hjørring, 420 cows
"The handling is a great hit, anyone can do it"
Wijnand Baack
Randers, 141 cows
"A reliable system. A good thing is we don't have to milk the cow in connection with the calving"
Sten & Anders Nørgård
Holstebro, 190 cows 
"The first word coming to me when having to describe the system is FOOLPROOF. Anyone can handle this system"
Ole Munch
Horsens, 142 cows
"We are so pleased with it. Now things are being done - and in the same way by everyone"
poul_nielsen bent_schroder jorgen_nielsen esben_ravn_larsen
Poul Nielsen
Møldrup, 200 cows
"One of the best investments we ever made. It is really worth every penny"
Bent Schröder
Løgumkloster, 550 cows
"A good thing for both the cow and the calf. We avoid stressing the cows, as we don't have to milk them at once"
Jørgen Nielsen
Holsted, 310 cows
"coloQuick is a really good system, we don't want to get rid of it ever again"
Esben Ravn Larsen
Spøttrup, 168 cows
"Now the feeding of the colostrum is totally under control"
herman_iversen a_jensen ulrik_jakobsen torben_rasmussen
Herman Iversen
Nykøbing Mors, 202 cows
"Our calves are much better and healthier now"
A. & J. Jensen
Skanderborg, 150 cows
"There will never be anything easier or better than coloQuick"
Ulrik Jakobsen
Sunds, 245 cows
"After we introduced coloQuick none of our calves got scours"
Skive, 225 cows
"What an extremely great work relief - and fantastic for the calves too - the best thing we ever did"
hendrik_breunese fruerlund leif_jensen hansen_matthiasen
Hendrik Breunese
Nordenskov, 368 cows
"The calves have to earn the money for us in future - therefore the colostrum is really important"
Fruerlund I/S
Kjellerup, 425 cows
"It is so important to systematise things, when more employees are involved in the work"
Leif Jensen
Løgstør, 450 cows
"It is much easier than we imagined - and it gives better calves, no doubt"
Hansen & Matthiasen
Højer, 600 cows
"This is much better than using a refrigerator - now we are on top of the situation"
fam_kloosterman kabel hosttup_ostergaard kirstinesminde
Fam. Kloosterman
Tistrup, 335 cows
"In combination with milk taxi coloQuick gave the calves a big boost"
I/S Kabel
Skive, 150 cows
"coloQuick is so easy to handle  - we got significantly better calves"
Høstrup Østergaard
Haderup, 300 cows
"A simple system easy to understand - and everyone at the farm feeds colostrum in the correct way"
Fjerritslev, 276 cows
"We got a clearly better weight gain among the calves"
haurbak_vestergaard jorgen_p_johansen henning_konstman gunnar_forum
Haurbak Vestergaard I/S
Kjellerup, 322 cows
"We only regret one thing - that we did not buy a coloQuick till now"
Jørgen P. Johansen
Vandel, 191 cows
"coloQuick is the best that money can buy"
Henning Konstman
Skærbæk, 160 cows
"coloQuick is our way out of Johnes Disease"
Gunnar Forum
Skals, 400 cows
"Now we are on top of things - and it makes a profit"
kuhr herluf_s_pedersen michael_h_nielsen allan_sand_christensen
I/S Kuhr, Hedegård
Rødkjærsbro, 360 cows
"We hoped coloQuick would make the feeding of colostrum easier. It did - bit our calves also got much better"
Herluf S. Pedersen
Ølgod, 248 cows
"Now everything is systematised - all employees do things in the same way - to the benefit of all parties. The coloQuick system is so easy to handle"
Michael H. Nielsen
Aulum, 139 cows
"The calves are much sturdier now. Now we suddenly realised that the colostrum is much more important than we thought it was"
Allan Sand Christensen
Ingstrup, 350 cows
"We noticed a clear improvement when we exchanged the refrigerator for the freezer and coloQuick"
cyril_post thomas_almosetoft torben_christensen aage_schmidt_lund
Cyril Post
Sindal, 187 cows
"We cannot go without the system. We experienced no problems whatsoever with our calves since we started to use coloQuick"
Thomas Almosetoft
Rødding, 157 cows
"Previously we used the microwave - now we realise it was a mistake. Today we have no problems at all"
Torben Christensen
Millinge, 146 cows
"We feed 4 litres of colostrum to the calf immediately after it is born - and we do not have to milk the cow first - it just works that way"
Aage Schmidt Lund
Rødding, 356 cows
"We are very pleased with the coloQuick - it gives you a good feeling to know that all calves get a perfect start now"
gyllingnaes_gods wim_van_logtestijn viderupgaard vrejlev_kloster
Gyllingnæs Gods
Odder, 258 cows
"Now we are doing things in the right way. coloQuick is fast - and so easy to handle"
Wim van Logtestijn
Årre, 325 cows
"coloQuick removed scours among our calves - and in general we got better calves"
Nibe, 500 cows
We are so pleased with coloQuick - it reduced sickness among our calves significantly"
Vrejlev kloster
Vrå, 392 cows
"Super system - we can only recommend it to others"
preben_laursen karsten_juhl hadberg_rasmussen per_barup
Preben Laursen
Karup, 283 cows
"A very good investment - we have much better and stronger calves now"
Karsten Juhl
Aabenraa, 399 cows
"Now we are doing things in the same way every time - no matter who is feeding the colostrum"
Kerteminde, 150 cows
"We are very pleased with the coloQuick - the calves are much healthier now - and no calves are completely lost"
Per Barup
Frøstrup, 131 cows
"Now the colostrum  always has the right temperature - no matter who is going to feed it"
jonna_nielsen fam_kristensen ralf_sanderink fam_b_jensen
Jonna & S.E. Nielsen
Hesselager, 450 cows
"Just a fantastic system. We have much better calves now - and at the same time things are easier to handle"
Familien Kristensen
Karup, 275 cows
"It is beyond all doubt that an improvement of the colostrum handling forms the basis of better calves"
Ralf Sanderink
Ribe, 300 cows
"All the trouble with thawing in the microwave is ancient history by now, fortunately - this system is much better. We can only recommend it"
Familien B. Jensen
Randers, 200 cows
"We got a higher milk yield and a younger calving age. Our calves got significantly healthier"
per_kristiansen henrik_vandborg fam_muskens peter_clausen
Per Kristiansen
Lemvig, 351 cows
"It is so good not having to milk the cow before you can feed colostrum to the calf. A benefit to both the calf and us"
Henrik Vandborg
Hobro, 190 cows
"We tried to keep colostrum in the refrigerator, but it was too difficult to control. Now we are entirely in control of the colostrum handling"
Familien Müskens
Give, 191 cows
"Nice to know you always keep first-class colostrum in the freezer, ready to feed"
Peter Clausen
Vejen, 370 cows
"We feel secure knowing that all calves will get colostrum of the best quality"
erling_bonde herman_nielsen sejersbol volsted
Erling Bonde
Borris, 400 cows
"As a matter of fact I am surprised how pleased we are with the system. Work is done easier and better than before"
Herman Nielsen
Ulstrup, 800 cows
"For many years we focused on the calves - it became much easier with this system"
Sejersbøl I/S
Thisted, 535 cows
"From the calf is born and till we feed the vital colostrum, it takes 22 minutes"
Volsted I/S
Holstebro, 180 cows
"Super system. Cannot find any negative comments at all. Now everything about the colostrum is done in the same way"
jakob_gade i/s bruun lillebaekgaard hardy_larsen
Jacob Gade
Skals, 180 cows
"We experienced no calf mortality for the fast year whatsoever - we used no penicillin either. We simply cannot go without this system"
I/S Bruun
Varde, 300 cows
"It is both easier and better. The system fully comes up to our expectations"
Lillebækgaard I/S
Gram, 180 cows
"Now the calf gets its colostrum immediately after birth. Previously we had to wait and milk the cow. This is a much better and simple system"
Hardy Larsen
Løgstør, 430 cows
"We got much better calves with higher weight gain. All in all that means a better economy, too"

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